3C Services

Leading you out of the wilds

Who we are

The Three C's At Work:
CONSULTING. We are a full service consulting firm in the areas of sponsored programs, fundraising, non-profit strategy, and healthcare/research compliance.
COMPOSITION. We also offer non-technical services, including writing-for-hire and media production.
CAVERLY. 3C is a family company, based around a philosophy of working with our sleeves rolled up.

Current and past clients are available on request and include organizations like:

  • Small Liberal Arts Colleges

  • Small to medium size community non-profits

  • Academic Consortiums

  • Local government

what we do

Located in suburban Philadelphia, 3C prides itself on working in organizations undergoing change, both in PA and beyond. We specialize in leading organizations “out of the woods” by leveraging a wealth of experience toward task execution.
3C provides services including the following areas:

  • Sponsored programs services, including staffing, policy research, grants management, proposal preparation, and more.

  • Fundraising, including grant writing, corporate outreach, campaign planning, and donor research;

  • Writing for hire, including PR and corporate communications, technical writing, journalistic pieces, and everything in between.

  • Marketing, including campaign planning, web design / online presence.

  • Healthcare and higher education compliance, including research ethics/IRB, IACUC, Biosafety, HIPAA and FERPA, and other critical research compliance areas;

  • Contact tracing compliance, medical and health services including gerontology;

  • Board and staff training in areas like fundraising, starting and maintaining nonprofits, and nonprofit strategy.

  • Maximizing business use of AI tools like natural language processing.

Our people

Every time you work with 3C, you start with founder and Principal, Will Caverly, and he’ll bring in the expertise needed on specific tasks.
Will has made a career out of seeking funding in the non-profit sector. With experience in institutions large and small, he specializes in grant management, prospect research, and major gift work. Will has raised over $18m in his career, strengthened relationships with constituents and customers, managed campaigns, and served on institutional compliance committees. Will's expertise and skilled have been highly valued in the institutions he's served.